Documenting History: Oral History Project

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An interview with Elizabeth Grossman about her role in the Women's Liberation Movement.

An interview with Trina Robbins about women in the comics industry with a focus on the feminist underground comix of the 1970s.

An interview with Jennifer Forney about her experience as a female athlete prior to the implementation of Title IX.

An interview with Marcia Greenberger about the discrimination she faced as a young woman in sports and the benefits of Title IX.

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The purpose of this oral history interview with Elinor Yeo is to collect a primary source account of the Abortion Rights Movement. When reading this project that converges evidence from various sources, readers will be able to understand more about…

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The purpose of this oral history interview with the honorary Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby is to preserve and keep her story and have this primary source accessible to anyone who would like to learn more about women in the legal profession. Reading…

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The purpose of this project is to get a new perspective on a topic that may have had a huge impact on many lives and affected the way society looks at women playing professional sports. The purpose of my topic is to learn and understand what women…
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