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An interview with Vladimir Spencer about his experience living under communism in Romania.

An interview with Gerard McDonnell about his role in the American Psychological Association's recognition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

An interview with WIlliam Torrey about his experience during the Cold War.

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The purpose of this interview is to share the story of Ron Ngo, a unique story of escaping Saigon. The interview tells the story of his experience of being the body guard to the Deputy Ambassador to South Vietnam from the United States, and then his…

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The purpose of this oral history interview with Barbara Hesselman Kautz is to collect and
preserve a primary source account of nursing in the Vietnam War. By reading this project that converges evidence from multiple sources, one will gain…

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The purpose of this interview with Dr. David E. Wildt is to get a firsthand account of the Cold War and the relationship of the United States and China during that time period. Dr. Wildt is an expert in pandas and played a key role in bringing over…

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The primary purpose of this paper is to gain an understanding about the U-2 Spy plane incident along with the preceding and subsequent events surrounding the Cold War. In this interview with Burton L. Gerber, a former Case Officer and Chief of…

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Throughout American history, stories of war have been typically told from the perspective of the soldiers that fought them. However, it is important to understand the perspective of medics that aided such soldiers in the war so that one can have both…

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The purpose of this Oral History Project is to collect and preserve a first-hand perspective on Operation Enduring Freedom (the 2001 Afghanistan War). This interview was conducted with Robert Mitchell, a former Navy Seal and member of the CIA, who…
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