Documenting History: Oral History Project

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An interview with John Basso about his experience in the Iraq War.

An interview with Thomas Ewald about his experience as a Gulf War hostage.

An interview with Gregory M. Homes about his experience as a soldier serving in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

An interview with Haroot Hapkopian about his experience as a soldier during the Gulf War.

An interview with Kyle Bujno about his experience as a combat soldier during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

An interview with Alexander Young about his experience as a soldier during the Iraq War.

An interview with Dr. Erin Felger about her experience as military surgeon during the Iraq War.

An interview with Mohamad Ali Torabi about his experience during the Iran-Iraq War.

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As the timeless years go on, it becomes increasingly difficult to recall the smaller, yet still significant events that have shaped our history and The Gulf War, also known as Operation Desert Shield/Storm, is no different. America’s unprecedented…
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