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An interview with Xing Peizhe about his experiences during the Cultural Revolution.

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An interview with Zhongdao Hu about the experience of Christians in Wenzhou, China, and the attempts by the Chinese Communtst Party to suppress their faith.


Kit On the YaLu River : A Study of China's Involvement of the Korean War and Its Logistical Activities
Shize Yan.
(Series: American Century Project)

Call #: OH YAN 2018
Location: Workroom
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An interview with Suzanne Matthews about her experience as CIA operative during the handover of Hong Kong.

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Mentioning the Cultural Revolution in China, people always think of the harsh consequences of the revolution, thus they recognize the revolution as Mao’s approach to realize his continuing dictatorship in China. The common misunderstanding of the…

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The Cultural Revolution embodied a time of suffering of both the body and the mind, and limited the voice of the victims who are forgotten by history. Chairman Mao Zedong, leader of the Communist party, stole basic liberties from the people of China…

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The purpose of this interview with Dr. David E. Wildt is to get a firsthand account of the Cold War and the relationship of the United States and China during that time period. Dr. Wildt is an expert in pandas and played a key role in bringing over…

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The purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of the Tiananmen Square Protests while analyzing the events that led up to them as well as their aftermath. The interview with Mr. Ed Leisher provides a first-hand account of the protests…

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The purpose of this American Century Oral History Project is to uncover the specifics of the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre that occurred in 1989. To this day, Chinese civilians are not permitted to discuss the Tiananmen Square massacre of…
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