Documenting History: Oral History Project

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An interview with Joungchan Lee about his experience in economically developing Korea in the 1990s

An interview with David Falk about his work with Michael Jordan and sports marketing.

An interview with journalist Seymour Hersh about his experiences as a freelance journalist during the Vietnam War and exposing the My Lai massacre.

An interview with John Basso about his experience in the Iraq War.

An interview with Joseph J. Cicippio about his experiences as a hostage from 1986-1991 during the Lebanese Civil War.

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An interview with Chris Wilkins about his experience building the SpaceX Falcon 1.

An interview with Kenneth DeTreux about his experiences in the US Navy during the Persian Gulf War.

An Interview with Jeff Kuhnreich, an F-14 Pilot in the Persian Gulf War.

An interview with Michael Worch about his experiences as a Marine during the Persian Gulf War.

An interview with Claralicia Martinez Moreno about her experiences as a civilian during the height of the Salvadorean Civil War.
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