Documenting History: Oral History Project

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An oral history account of rebellion under the East German government from the perspective of Sandy Radmanesh.

An oral history account of the development of the first Palm computers from the perspective of Jeff Hawkins.

An oral history account of the fall of the Berlin Wall from the perspective of Alexander Pyhan, a witness to the events.

An interview with Jane Fisher Byrialsen about the Central Park Jogger case of 1989.

An interview with Andrea Borman Winter about her experiences growing up in South Africa as a white, jewish young woman during the Apartheid era.

An interview with Joseph J. Cicippio about his experiences as a hostage from 1986-1991 during the Lebanese Civil War.

An interview with Marisa Mize about her experience as a nurse who cared for President Reagan after his attempted assassination.

An interview with Claralicia Martinez Moreno about her experiences as a civilian during the height of the Salvadorean Civil War.

An interview with Michele Hangley about her experience at Central High School in Philadelphia in the 1980s as Central went from a boys only school to coeducational.

An interview with Jack Reiffer about the history of the gay rights movement, the arts and the AIDS epidemic.
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