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An oral history account of the Vietnam War from the perspective of Stanley Erck.

An oral history account of the "ping pong diplomacy" movement between the US and China in the early 1970s from the perspective of Tongsheng Huang.

An oral history account of the 1978 Chinese Economic Reform from the perspective of Tu Tu, a witness to the events.

An oral history account of the anti-Vietnam War movement from the perspective of Victor Stekoll, a conscientious objector.

An oral history account of the Vietnam War and its intersection with race and the civil rights movement, from the perspective of Reverend Reginald Townsend, a veteran.

An oral history account of the Vietnam War through the experiences of Lieutenant Colonel Barney King.

An interview with Barbara Ives about who was part of the first class of women in the US Naval Academy in 1976.

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An interview with Armando Hernandez about his experiences in Cuba during the Cuban Revolution and under Fidel Castro's regime.

An interview with Xing Peizhe about his experiences during the Cultural Revolution.

An interview with Stephen Campell about his experiences as a naval intelligence officer during the Vietnam war.
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