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An interview with Kelvin Char about his experience as an Asian American Vietnam Veteran.

An interview with Dr. Allen Avinoam Kowarski about his experience as an Israeli doctor during the Six Day War.

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The purpose of this Oral History Project is to collect and preserve a primary source of the Vietnam War. As this war has left an impact in both military and American history, it is necessary that this topic continues to be examined in the subsequent…

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The purpose of this oral history interview with the honorary Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby is to preserve and keep her story and have this primary source accessible to anyone who would like to learn more about women in the legal profession. Reading…

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The purpose of this project is to obtain an oral history of Project HOPE, from its start as volunteers travelling by boat to train foreign medical professionals to its land-based humanitarian role from 1974 onwards. Thomas S. Walsh, a provider of…

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This paper’s purpose is to obtain an understanding upon the Black Panther Party and its trials and tributes during the heightened period of the Civil Rights Movement from 1966 to 1982. This interview with Mr. Billy X Jennings, a former Black Panther,…

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Throughout American history, stories of war have been typically told from the perspective of the soldiers that fought them. However, it is important to understand the perspective of medics that aided such soldiers in the war so that one can have both…

An interview with Mary Ann Evan about how the Brown v. Board of Education ruling affected her life.

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The purpose of this project is to give deeper insight on the events of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing and the effect it had on the Civil Rights Movement as a whole. The context paper, interview, and analysis serve as a primary source for…

An interview with Charley Casserly, former general manager of the Washington Redskins about the 1992 Super Bowl.
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