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This paper’s purpose is to obtain an understanding upon the Black Panther Party and its trials and tributes during the heightened period of the Civil Rights Movement from 1966 to 1982. This interview with Mr. Billy X Jennings, a former Black Panther,…

The purpose of this oral history project and interview with Kyoko Ikari is to create a primary source document on the Japanese American Internment Camps during World War II. By reading this oral history project, an individual will understand one of…

An interview with Dr. Erin Felger about her experience as military surgeon during the Iraq War.

An interview with Samira Aliyev about the collapse of the Soviet Union from the perspective of an everyday citizen.

An interview with Aleks Krivitskiy about his experience in Ukraine as the country gained it's independence from the Soviet Union.

An interview with Elizabeth Grossman about her role in the Women's Liberation Movement.

An interview with Claudia Alarcon about her experience living in Colombia during the drug wars.

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The purpose of this project is to gain the perspective of an eye witness of apartheid in South Africa through and interview with Mrs. Dalene Erasmus. During the interview, Mrs. Erasmus reflects on her life during apartheid, her direct encounters…

An oral history account of the Bay of Pigs Invasion from the perspective of Juan Pardo, a witness to the events.

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The purpose of this oral history interview is to explore how the Carrollton Kentucky Bus Crash of 1988 has had an effect on survivor, Ciaran Madden. By studying this project that converges evidence from different sources, one will be exposed to the…
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