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"I Saw the Faces of My Son and Daughter" : An Asian American Veteran's Vietnam War Experience
An interview with Kelvin Char about his experience as an Asian American Vietnam Veteran.

What People Fail to See About Nigeria
An interview with Dr. Cecelia Nwankwo about life in Nigeria.

The Digital Revolution of Film: An Interview with Sheila Smith
An interview with Sheila Smith about the film industry and the transition from film to digital media in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Apocalypse Then:<br /><br />
An Oral History on the Vietnam War
An interview with John A. Barry, a former First Lieutenant and platoon leader in the Vietnam War, he gives a first-hand account of what life was like at this point in history, from the basic training to being a platoon leader, and eventually, being a…

AIDS and the Arts: A Fatal Duet
An interview with Jack Reiffer about the history of the gay rights movement, the arts and the AIDS epidemic.

Connecting the Past with the Present Through the Life of Elias Eliasof
An interview with Elias Eliasof about the Second World War from the perspective of an infantry soldier.

Life Before and Throughout Ukranian Independence: An Oral History with Aleks Krivitskiy
An interview with Aleks Krivitskiy about his experience in Ukraine as the country gained it's independence from the Soviet Union.

No Girls Allowed
An interview with Michele Hangley about her experience at Central High School in Philadelphia in the 1980s as Central went from a boys only school to coeducational.

The Collapse of the Soviet Union: A Time of Disorder, Destruction, and Disintegration
An interview with Samira Aliyev about the collapse of the Soviet Union from the perspective of an everyday citizen.
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