Documenting History: Oral History Project

Recently Added Items

Starting Over: A Hidden Child's Account of the Holocaust and Immigration to America


An oral history account of surviving the Holocaust as a hidden child and immigrating to America from the perspective of Joost J. Oppenheim.

"Fighting in the Dark: Flawed Approach in the Vietnam War


An oral history account of the Vietnam War from the perspective of Stanley Erck.

"The Little Ball that Changed the World: The Ping Pong Diplomacy and its pivotal role in establishing Sino-U.S. relations


An oral history account of the "ping pong diplomacy" movement between the US and China in the early 1970s from the perspective of Tongsheng Huang.

9/11 at Ground Zero


An oral history of the September 11, 2001 attacks from the perspective of Andrew Cohen, a first responder.

A New Type of Warfare: Mustard Gas and Its Antidote


An oral history of the development of Mustard Gas and its treatment from the perspective of James Leenhouts.

The Woman Who Changed A Religion: An Oral History on America's First Female Rabbi


An oral history of the first female ordained as a Rabbi in the United States from the perspective of Sally Priesand.

Fighting the communist system in East Germany: An Oral History from Sandy Radmanesh who escaped the government system


An oral history account of rebellion under the East German government from the perspective of Sandy Radmanesh.

Palm Computing and the Start of a Technological Revolution: An Interview with Jeff Hawkins


An oral history account of the development of the first Palm computers from the perspective of Jeff Hawkins.

The Anthrax Attacks Massive Impact on Modern Bioterrorism in The United States


An oral history account of the anthrax attacks and their impact on modern bioterrorism from the perspective of Ari Fleischer, Press Secretary to…

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Through the Lens of a CIA Analyst


An oral history account of the Cuban Missile Crisis from the perspective of Nancy Hoke, a CIA Analyst.